Check whether the 3 vectors ar coplanar or not
A= t+j+k , B= i+3j+k , C= 2i+2j+2k

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  1. If three vectors are coplanar, their scalar triple product is zero. Give it a go, and someone will check your work :)

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  2. I assume you mean A = i+j+k
    Is A X B in the same direction as A X C?
    You can work it out but by inspection you can see that vector A is the same direction as vector C and therefore, A and B (or C and B) define a plane.

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  3. No it's A = t+j+k

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  4. well, we know they are coplanar if t = 1
    not if not

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  5. Thanks .. thats what i was doubtful about !!!

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  6. well it is very difficult for A to be perpendicular to both B and C otherwise
    because j + k and 3 j+k just do not work :)

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