If 4 moles of hydrogen react with 4 moles of oxygen which of these is the limiting reagent?

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asked by Ummm
  1. 2(H2) + O2 --> 2(H2O)

    You can see in the reaction that two moles of hydrogen react with two moles of oxygen.

    So if you have the save amount of both, which will finish first? So which is the limiting reagent?

    posted by Arora
  2. *one mole of oxygen

    posted by Arora
  3. Hydrogen?....

    posted by Ummm
  4. four moles of H2 needs 2 moles of O2, so you have more O2 than needed **fourmoles***, so H2 is the limiting reaction, and it runs out first.

    posted by bobpursley
  5. i have another question that goes to this one can you help me? It says

    What is the maximum amount of water (in grams) that can be produced give it for most of hydrogen and for most of oxygen?

    posted by Ummm
  6. I have no idea what "most" means.
    if the limiting reagent is hydrogen, then four moles of H2 yields four moles of H2O

    posted by bobpursley

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