Texas History

Name one main success and one main failure of the Republic of Texas government. Then, tell how these factors contributed to Texas’ annexation by the United States.

Anyone know a good example of this question?

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  1. What does your text say?

  2. I am not asking for answers, but I can't find my notes when moving to my new house. Can I have something like a list to see some good examples?

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  3. I didn't ask about your notes; I asked about your text.

  4. "Santa Anna was finally defeated at the Battle of San Jacinto and Texas finally won its independence." is what I have so far.

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  5. https://tshaonline.org/handbook/online/search.html

    You should bookmark this website and use it along with your text. There are linked articles, as well as a good search engine.

  6. How do you lose your notes from an ONLINE school?

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  7. Physical notes.

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  8. thanks yall

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  9. the only answer given here is totally wrong...use the study guide and quit cheating

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