Please reference the illustration at screenshots<dot>firefox<dot>com/kzZjGCIcg9EMQ0MH/brilliant<dot>org to answer the following question:

What percentage of the square's area is colored blue?

30% 35% 40% 45% 50%

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  1. Nice question, and I could see your diagram.

    Several ways to do this, here is what I thought:

    easy to get the equation of BD : y = -x + 4
    and the equation of AQ = (1/2)x
    so for the intersection:
    (1/2)x = -x + 4
    x = -2x + 8
    x = 8/3

    so if we consider AB as the base and 8/3 as the height,
    area = (1/2)(4)(8/3) = 16/3

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