Which accurately describes the impact of the Treaty of Tordesillas?

The Treaty of Tordesillas marked the first time in history that the Netherlands, England, and Spain joined forces to conquer Napoleon.

The Treaty of Tordesillas marked the first time in history that the pope was criticized publicly by the King of England.

The Treaty of Tordesillas marked the first time in history that Spain and England became allies since the Protestant Reformation.

The Treaty of Tordesillas marked the first time in history that a third party mediated a dispute regarding foreign land acquisition.

Is it C?

asked by Rylee
  1. No, England wasnt really a part of this.

    "In 1493, after reports of Columbus’s discoveries had reached them, the Spanish rulers Ferdinand and Isabella enlisted papal support for their claims to the New World in order to inhibit the Portuguese and other possible rival claimants. To accommodate them, the Spanish-born pope Alexander VI issued bulls setting up a line of demarcation from pole to pole 100 leagues (about 320 miles) west of the Cape Verde Islands. Spain was given exclusive rights to all newly discovered and undiscovered lands in the region west of the line. Portuguese expeditions were to keep to the east of the line. Neither power was to occupy any territory already in the hands of a Christian ruler." - from Encylopedia Britannica

    So i'd say D

    posted by Darcy
  2. But that excerpt doesn't say anything about Spain's allies.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  3. That is what i am saying, the treaty didnt really havinf anything to do with spains allies and more with seperating the New World.

    posted by Darcy
  4. Oh, so would it be D? Google says that they settled land disputes over Christopher Columbus's discoveries.

    posted by Rylee
  5. it is D (i just took the test)

    posted by anon

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