1. They were poor because they were not educated.
[Is 'educated' an adjective or a past participle? Is 'were educated' a passive tense? Or is it 'Verb + Adjective' structure?]

2. She wanted to help with their education.
[What is the meaning of 'with' in this sentence?]

asked by rfvv
  1. https://www.grammarly.com/blog/verb-conjugation/
    The charts here are very clear about the different verb forms in English. The auxiliary verbs "was" and "were" are used with present participles to form the continuous tenses; however, they are not used to form any past tense.

    1. I'd take "educated" as a past participle being used as a predicate adjective to describe the subject.

    2. The preposition "with" has MANY meanings! https://www.onelook.com/?w=with&ls=a Look at that list of meanings and uses at the right side.

    It looks as if these are the closest to the meaning in that sentence you gave.

    ▸developing or improving as a result of something more...
    ▸used for saying what event makes something possible more...
    ▸used for saying what a particular action or problem is related to more...

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