1. They had a telling-a-lie contest in the palace. Many people gathered in the palace.One man stepped up to the king and said,....
[Can we use the expression in the first sentence? do you have some other suitable expressions?]

2. Who was the biggest liar among them?
2-2. Who was the biggest liar of them?
[Can we use both?]

3. It was the old man who beat the king with his lie. He got a golden apple from the king.

4. The old man was the biggest liar, so the king had to give a golden apple to the old man.

5. He was the old man. With his lie, he made the king puzzled, and was able to obtain a golden apple.
[What about the answers? No problem? Thank you.]

asked by rfvv
  1. 1. I'd use one of these phrases instead of "telling-a-lie" --

    the Liar's Contest
    the Biggest Lie Contest
    the Best Liar's Contest

    2. OK
    2-2. Who was the biggest liar of them all?
    3. OK
    4. OK
    5. Awkward. Better might be this:
    With his lie, the old man puzzled the king and was able to win the golden apple.

    posted by Writeacher

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