Social Studies

With which animal are the Minangkabau most connected?
A: cow
B: water buffalo***
C: elephant
D: tiger
Which cultures have influenced Minangkabau life.
A: Chinese and Indian
B: Chinese and Japanese
C: Korean and Indian
D: Korean and Japanese***
Please check my answers, thanks!! :)

  1. 6
asked by Please check my answers!
  1. The first is right, but I think the second is wrong. Please check your text.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. So then is it A?

    posted by Please check my answers!
  3. A is my best guess -- but I couldn't confirm it. Be sure to check your text.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  4. Thank you

    posted by Please check my answers!
  5. You are welcome.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  6. The answers are

    Srsly im not kidding. I know it spell bad tho lol.

    posted by connexus
  7. B
    is right

    posted by Karma
  8. B A D

    posted by Lizard
  9. Connexus peolessss B A D

    posted by Personnsss
  10. who's bad*grabs magical sparkling glove*

    posted by alice
  11. Yep, B A D is correct!

    posted by JPTiger13
  12. What is bad?

    posted by lun
  13. Jake is mad because he is bad

    posted by Hhhc
  14. its the answers to the test




    posted by peace on earth
  15. B



    Is correct.

    posted by Me

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