math if your a genius solve this

Students at a school are planning a school trip to New Jersey. They have gathered the following information about the cost.

The price of round trip airfare for each person is $600

The cost of hotel room is $60 per night per student and twice that per night per adult.

A. Find an equation to represent the total cost for the trip for one student and for one adult. ( 2 Equations in total). Use C for cost and d for the number of days.

D. Five teachers travel to New Jersey and stay seven nights. How many students could travel to New Jersey and stay for seven nights for the same cost? Show Your work.

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  1. Cost for one student/day = 600 + 60d
    Cost for one adults/day - 600 + 120d

    Work with these two and you do part D.

    posted by not a genius--DrBob222
  2. what is D?

    posted by help
  3. I know if 5 teacher travels for 7 nights its 7200 How will I find how many students

    posted by help
  4. You're absolutely right. $7200 is the cost for 7 nights for 5 adults. How much is the cost for 7 nights for 1 student? Then go from there to see how many students could go for the adults' cost.

    posted by DrBob222
  5. 420$ for 7 nights for one students + 600 which is 1020

    7200 = 1020

    about 7 kids

    posted by help
  6. I figured 7.05 but of course you can't chop up the students to get 0.05 of one of them so 7 would be correct. And there is a little money left over. See, you were able to do large parts of this.

    posted by DrBob222

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