Taking the age of Earth to be about 4 ✕ 109 years and assuming its orbital radius of 1.5 ✕ 1011 m has not changed and is circular, calculate the approximate total distance Earth has traveled since its birth (in a frame of reference stationary with respect to the Sun).

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asked by Heather
  1. Circumference = pi*2r = 3.14 * 3*10^11 = 9.42*10^11 m.

    d = 9.42*10^11m/rev * 1rev/6.28rad * 7.29*10^-5rad/s * 3600s/h * 24h/da * 365da/yr. * 4*10^9yrs = 1.379*10^24 m.

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    posted by Henry

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