Music and Movement

A child-centered experience that connects music, movement,and language is:

A. listening to the sounds of nature
B. matching "sound shake" instruments
C. visiting musicians in the community
D. participating in musical storytelling

Wouldn't it be (D)because its the only
one where language is used.
A, B, or C wouldn't use language

I think it is correct bit am not sure

You got it!

I agree: musical storytelling. My first grader music program was a program based on Nursery Rhymes...story telling, songs, motions, all set to music.

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asked by Chrissy
  1. Chiwho poo do poor in school are primarily learning

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  2. a child’s strength and balance, which allows the child to walk early, is considered what type of constraint?
    Structural constraint
    Functional constraint
    Positive constraint
    Neural constraint

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