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19. How is Snyder v Phelps an example of competing rights? Be specific in your answer.

The court case of Snyder v phelps is an example of competing rights because the rights of privacy and speech are making distress and this came into conflict with the freedom of speech.

20. What is the difference between due process and protections in the fifth amendment and the fourteenth amendment how is that significant?

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  1. The 5th amendment demands that the U.S. guarantee those rights. The 14th applies the same guarantees to the states.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. This is about how a dead soldiers father (Snyder) had to deal with protestors (Phelps) at his sons funeral. They had signs about how 9/11 was good.. that god hates s.. that America should be punished and thank god for dead soldiers... This is "protected" by the 1st amendment.. even though what was being said was wrong it was still a opinion on a social, political, or a popular subject, on public property and road.. so they cannot be punished for it. I understand why they were not punished but I wish they were. America should not protect those who are so clearly against it. They don't deserve it.

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