Anne Frank

I need a good website to look up Anne Frank and please nothing to do with wikapedia.

I have never really thought of google because I didn't really now about it

(Broken Link Removed)

Research has shown Wikipedia to be a reliable site, more reliable than some of the "trusted" encyclopedias that librarians cherish. With any information, it needs to be confirmed. I have known only one article that I have viewed in Wikipedia to be off on a tangent, that is far fewer than the school textbooks I have reviewed. Most school texts have so many errors that their use in high schools borders on the ridiculous. I hope the prejudice you cited on Wiki is that of your teacher, not yours. Never judge a site by the opinions expressed by others, rather, read, analyze, and evalute for yourself.

Well I don't like to because kids can go threw some how and change the information so are teacher doesnt want us to use wiki. But I would if I could.

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Having lived in Nederlands (Holland), I have been in Anne Frank's house and sat where she sat. When they were cleaning out her house they discarded some of her books that no longer had jackets. The one I had was in French and she had written in the margin of several pages. When my school was studying Anne Frank in the English classes, I gave this book to one of my Jewish students, because I knew she would treasure it, even thought she didn't speak French!

The stairway to her floor was hidden by a bookcase that would swing away. My husband liked that feature so much that he built one in our house to hide a cupboard. Everytime I swing it away, I can't help but think of Anne.

Thank you very much.


Ay dios mio!

Did you also know (since we keep bringing up Montessori) that Anne Frank went to a Montessori school and loved it?

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asked by Amy

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