How can you use rate to compare the costs of two boxes of cereal that are different sizes?

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  1. Find out the cost per ounce.

    Divide the cost of the box by the number of ounces.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Unit pricing. It is probably listed on the shelf but you can do it yourself anyway.
    Both boxes will have the mass of cereal contained in each. Say box A is 1 kilogram and box B is 2 kilograms
    Say box A costs 1 dollar and box B costs 1.50 dollars
    Box A costs 1 dollar per kilogram and box B costs 1.50/2 = 0.75 dollars per kilogram

    Obviously box B costs less per kilogram.

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  3. You can just simply divide the number of ounces

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  4. Thank You if i copy that.

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  5. so u do all of this but what is the answer i need the answer now help me i need help this class is hard and no one helps help me now i need help with thus math help with the math i need a A in math help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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  6. You can, find out the unit rate or the cost per ounce. Then, you can divide the cost of the first box / box #1 by the number of ounces in that box and do the same thing with the other box / box #2. I hope this helps!

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