Ancient Greece

How did ancient greek philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle contribute to the formation of modern democratic governments?

a. by contemplating the purpose and structure of government

b. by encouraging the participation of all citizens in governance

c. by prescribing civil training and tests for all officials

d. by promoting the election of enlightened philosophers

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  1. it's A: by contemplating the purpose and structure of government

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  2. Obviously You're Welcome doesn't know what contemplating means. Please do not respond when you are ignorant of the question and the answer.

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    Ms. Sue
  3. Ms. Sue, I feel your respond was very rude and uncalled for. Although you may be right about You're Welcome not understanding that mean of the word contemplating, the tone of your response sounds almost condescending. You could have respectfully and kindly corrected him/her without insulting You're Welcome. Teachers are supposed to help their students feel empowered and confident while they're learning, not tear them down due to their lack of knowledge. If you don't know how to tactfully correct a someone when they misspeak or fail to understand something, then maybe you need to take some time to reflect on why you're on the website.

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  4. You’re Welcome had the correct answer anyway Ms. Sue, so don’t be so rude seeing as whatever you thought the answer was must’ve been wrong anyway. Great job You’re Welcome, you chose the correct answer.

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  5. As of October 19, 2019, Your Welcome's answer is correct. A is your answer.

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  6. A is the correct answer

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  7. Btw the answer for the entire test this question is from is as follows

    1. C Minoan Civilization
    2. D It dominated the Argean World through warfare
    3. B epic poetry
    4. A city state structure
    5. D abundant resources and trade with distant lands
    6. D Athens had a true legislature while Sparta did not
    7. -short answer-
    8. B boys were taken from their families to be raised in barracks
    9. D weakened the power of Athens
    10. A geographic elements encourage the development
    11. C separated by more than 100 miles of rugged terrain
    12. A. Tragedies that focus on recounting historic events
    13. D They both encouraged people to discover ethical values through reason
    14. Alexander the Great, and Aristotle
    15. -short answer-
    16. Euclid, and Pythagoras
    17.(You're Welcome's answer) A by contemplating the purpose and structure of government

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  8. Ms Nani? is correct!!, 100%!!

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  9. he is 100%

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  10. Ms Nani is correct

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  11. 100%

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