Language Arts 8 A

I don't want test answers or anything, I just want to double check something.

Due to recent unfortunate events I have been completely behind in school and NEED to get my Language Arts grade up, by doing that I need to complete the 'Final Draft' for Unit 2 lesson 16.((I know, I'm really far behind.)) Is the final draft just the redone version of the Rough Draft in lesson 7???? And if so Do you just send the teacher THAT link??? hELP.

asked by hELP BEFORE I FAIL.
  1. We don't know. Ask your teacher.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. I guess I should have mentioned: I have bad anxiety and I would prefer to do it anonymously, if I had the stomach to ask my teacher I would have by now.

    posted by hELP BEFORE I FAIL.
  3. I'm sorry -- but we can't help. Either go with what you think you should do or ask your teacher. It's your decision.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  4. Fix your Rough Draft with necessary corrections and that is your final draft.

    posted by Andrea
  5. OK, I think I do the same thing as you.(Do the anxiety thing to lol) I actually am writing mine right now. You just take the rough draft and touch it up and turn it in. Hope this helps!

    posted by Kat
  6. Okay, I'm still trying to figure something Out;

    How in the world do I copy this write2learn link into the dropbox?! Do I have to copy and paste the essay unti something then submit it? I am Hella Confused and I need like Tech Support or something.
    For anyone that has already submitted the essay: Please, Please, Please Help!:((

    posted by hELP BEFORE I FAIL.
  7. I need help I don't know what to do

    posted by Anonymous

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