Which accurately describes aspects of the trans-Saharan trade between Europe and Africa?

the trans-Saharan trade included the trade of both gold and slaves along the Saharan desert of Africa

the trans-Saharan trade included the trade of molasses and sugar to European merchants from Muslims of the Congo

the trans-Saharan trade included the trade of Muslim slaves to wealthy Europeans on Iberian peninsula

the trans-Sahara trade included the trade of pottery and weapons between Muslims of Egypt and African tribes of Kenya


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  1. I don't see anything about Europeans in A.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. B?

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  3. No.

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    Ms. Sue
  4. It's C. Slaves were a hot item on this trade route!

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  5. Plus, Ms. Sue, how do you even know that she was guessing, what if she really contemplated it and was just wrong, all of these answers are similar to actual truths about this trade route or about others and maybe she got them mixed up, don't be so quick to judge!

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  6. the answer ///

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  7. The answer is A!

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  8. Ok so what's the answer?

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  9. the answer isn't c

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  10. The answer is A, I just took the test.

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  11. Also, the correct answer is A:)

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