A - G requirements

I mest up real bad my freshmen year, I took general sciene which doesn't help me get into university. Now I'm a sophomore and I just started taking Biology, how embarassing. Any advice on how I could catch up? Also, does anyone know if health counts for the A-G? I took health freshemn year.


asked by Aiden
  1. embarrassing*

    Sorry, my grammar is shxt.

    posted by Aiden
  2. If you have Biology, Chemistry, and Physics by the time you graduate -- and with high grades -- won't that do it? Talk to your school counselor to be sure.

    posted by Writeacher
  3. Talk to your school counselor. How many units of science does your chosen university require? It may vary from school to school.

    posted by Reed
  4. Your spelling and grammar are also atrocious, certainly not up to college-level work.

    posted by Reed
  5. OK, you last year "messed up". I assume that means you flunked most of your courses. Now you are in your sophmore year of HS, and you want to get with it. What I suggest is you find out what is going on. Did you and parents have a conference last year with your teachers/principal to figure out what the issues were: it could have been a number of things, your efforts, your ability to pay attention (ADDH), your lack of preparation before you went to HS.
    If you did not attend such a conference, goodness. Go to your counselor and ask her to review your academic record, and discuss your appitude and class habits with PRIOR teachers, then call you in, with parent, to make a plan.
    I suspect you are going to need a lot of tutoring, in most everything: critical reading, math, taking notes, study skills, vocab, grammar, the works.
    So I am suggesting you need to have professional help in analyzing your strengths, weaknesses, habits, your ability. Do this and you can start perhaps to change your life.
    It is never too late, unless you are a quitter, then anytime is too late.

    posted by bobpursley

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