Which most accurately describes the involvement of the Catholic Church in the Crusades?
(Select all that apply.)

the crusade was a term used by the eastern orthodox church to describe its schism from the roman catholic church

the knight templar was an order of crusaders approved by the pope and ordered to protect Christian pilgrims traveling to the holy land

protests led by Martin Luther King used a campaign called the crusades as a way to break free from the Catholic church

after 100 years of fighting over Jerusalem, the Catholic church also waged war in Europe against Christians who did not follow

i think it a and b

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  1. a no
    b yes

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    Ms. Sue
  2. b and c

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  3. I think not c
    maybe google huguenot

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  4. So that means the answer is b and d.

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  5. literally can't find the answer to this question anywhere

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