In a class of 83 students, 72 are present. What percentage of the students are absent? Provide answer up to two significant digits.

a. 12
b. 13
c. 14
d. 15

What I did is I subtracted both 83 and 72 which is 11 and I put it as proportions. I put x as a percent and a 100 on the bottom and then I put 72/83 on the other side. Then I multiplied 72 and 100 and it's 7200 then I divided it by 83 and it will be 86.7, but it isn't one of the answers on the top so I'm not sure what to do, plus they said to answer up to two significant digits, and I don't really understand that part that much... Who ever answers thanks

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  1. if speed of a train is 72 kilometers per hour then what distance will it cover in 12 seconds

    This one too, I tried to divide both of them and they end up by 6 but the answer choices are only 200, 220, 240, and 260

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  2. 72 are present, so 11 are absent
    11/83 = 0.1325 = 13.25%
    So, B

    an hour is 3600 seconds, so 12 seconds is 1/300 hours

    72km = 72000m
    72000/300 = 240

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