In Europe, warriors of the feudalist society were referred to as knights (1). In Japan, they were known as ninjas (2). Knights were bound by a moral code known as chivalry (3), whereas ninjas followed the moral code of bushido (4).

I think 1,2 are true and 3,4 are false

asked by malia
  1. One of your answers is wrong.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. I think its 1,3 are true and 2,4 are false

    posted by malia
  3. Yes, one is wrong. Look up "knights" and "ninjas".

    posted by Reed
  4. Now you're right.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  5. Look up "chivalry", too. Is it more mythology than history?

    posted by Reed
  6. thank you

    posted by malia
  7. Really, 1 and 3 are correct as true. There is a lot of mythology around chivalry, and it wasn't practiced much, but it was supposed to be the ideal.

    posted by Reed
  8. got 100% (: thank you

    posted by malia

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