What is my number?
Clue 1. My number is a perfect square.
Clue 2. The only prime number in its prime factorization is 2.
Clue 3. My number is a factor of 32.
Clue 4. The sum of its digits is odd.

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  1. 16

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Mrs.Sue is wrong because the sum of it's digits is odd. Six is odd. And 16 is divisable by eight meaning it won't end up with a remainder.

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  3. Well then who is right if Mrs. Sue is wrong, Marisela?

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  4. And Marisela, what's the answer?

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  5. Or should I say, the Correct answer?

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  6. I think I agree with Mrs. Sue because I checked a few other websites and they also said the answer is 16.

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  7. This is a question on my homework and even the exact website that it came from said the answer was 16. So how about that, Marisela?

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