Hello, I need a little assistance with showing my work on this question. The equation is -4 7/8 x 2/3. I have to explain how this person is wrong then show the work the correct way. Okay so the person's work is written as, "-4 7/8 x 2/3 = -4 14/24 = -4 7/12" So, I have to explain how that's wrong and what mistakes were made then provide the answer and the work. I've figured out the answer, 3 11/12. I just need assistance with showing my work. Please. :)

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asked by @LittleMsAmelia
  1. -4 7/8 = -(4 + 7/8)
    so, (-4 7/8)(2/3) = -4(2/3) - (7/8)(2/3)

    the example shown forgets to multiply the 4 by 2/3

    3 11/12 is also wrong, most clearly because it is not negative. How did you arrive at that answer? How can you possibly need assistance in showing your own work?

    posted by Steve
  2. Oh my god. I said the wrong answer.

    posted by @LittleMsAmelia
  3. I meant to write it as negative and I accidentally wrote my answer to the previous answer and the answer I got is 3 1/4. I don't really understand how to show my work with multiplying fractions so I'm going to be honest I calculated my answer with a calculator now I just needed assistance with showing my work so I can get full credit. :/

    posted by @LittleMsAmelia
  4. -4 7/8 = -39/8

    (-39/8)(2/3) = -78/24 = -13/4 = -3 1/4

    posted by Steve

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