Emergent computer tech.

1. What file is being called by this IMG tag? (1 point)
answer= SRC
2. What type of link is used to call this file? (1 point)
answer=need help with this one 3. If the user loads this graphic in a text-only browser how will the browser describe it? (1 point)
answer= i need help with this one
4. How many pixels high is the image? (1 point)
Answer= 300

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  1. What is "this file" and "this graphic" and "the image"?

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  2. it wont let me put the HTML code in

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  3. SRC is wrong it is jpeg or photo

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  4. 1.Image
    2. Absolute path
    3. The name is in the citation of the link for example “Me and my family.”
    4. 300

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