The framers of the Constitution began with the famous words, "We the People." Consider whether those words were Federalist or Anti-federalist and what was meant by "the people." Which can you infer about those opening words?

A. Those words likely came from the Anti-federalists. The Anti-federalists wanted a strong federal government. The "people" in the quote were the delegates or those who had control over the federal government.

B.Those words likely came from the Federalists. The Federalists wanted a weaker federal government and more power at the state level. The "people" in the quote are the delegates and leaders of the individual states.

C.Both sides agreed on those words. The framers wrote the Constitution with both the present and future in mind. At the time, the "people" were the wealthy, white men but some knew the implications might be greater.

D.Those words came from the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence. Both documents began with the same words. Federalists and Anti-federalists likely agreed on those words because they reminded them of their common bond to form an independent nation.

I think it is D.

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  1. Have you actually read the preamble to the declaration of Independence?

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  2. everybody dislike this guys: bobpursley's comment because this website is for answers. Why is a teacher on this website if their not gonna give us the answer.

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