Biology Asap!

1. A hypothesis and a theory are related because

A.a Theory is always used to develop a hypothesis

B.They are both developed in the absence of observations.

C. the data collected when a hypothesis is tested can support a theory.

D. an experiment is done before the formation of both a hypothesis and a theory.*****

2.which word describes the energy in an exergonic reaction?

A. created

B. relased****?


D. destroyed

3. whcich describes the progress of photosynthesis?

A. carbon dioxide + water ->glucose + oxygen

B.glucose+oxygen ->carbon dioxide+ water

C.water+oxygen -> glucose+carbon dioxide****?

D. glocose+ carbon dioxide-> water+ oxygen

4.The role of an enzyme in a chemical reaction is to change which of the following?

A. the type of rection

B. the activation energy of the reaction

C. the pH at which the reaction occurs***?

D. the temperature at which the reaction occurs

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  1. 1. Incorrect
    2. Correct
    3. Incorrect
    4. Incorrect

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  2. mhm can you explain because im bearly learning how to this stuff

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  3. What does your text say about the first question?

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    Ms. Sue
  4. they didnt give me anytihng this year no book no nothing'

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  5. Don't you understand my question?

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    Ms. Sue
  6. noperonis

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  7. 1. If you got information from an experiment, you can use that to support what?

    3. Plants do use water, but they don't take oxygen, they use something else. Try again.

    4. An enzyme in a chemical reaction doesn't change the pH, it changes something else. Try again.

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  8. 3. soo b.?

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  9. 3. Nope, plants use water, but not oxygen. They release glucose after the photosynthesis. Try again!

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