Digital Design

3. A Water bottle is ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in the grip of your hand. Unfortunately, is doesn't fir into most bicycle bottle holders and is a little too big to carry when walking or running. Which part of the audience analysis did the designer fail to address?

A Demographics
B Understanding
C Interests
D Environment☺☻☺

Which of the following would be considered demographics? Select all that apply.

A Age☺☻☺
B Educational
C Gender
D Interests☺☻☺

A design includes too much essential informations that the audience already knows. What area of the audience analysis did the designer fail to address?

A Demographics☺☻☺
B Understanding
C Environment
D Context

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  1. Am I correct on my answers?
    and thank you for your time ☺♥

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  2. I disagree on 1 and 3. Two of your answers to #2 are correct, the third is not (there are three correct choices, though). Restudy or rethink.

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  3. Okay so number 2 is gender
    and 1 and 3 i knew were wrong because I asked my brother for help and Well it is now clear he is unsmart like me lol

    Okay so i read it over would 1 be c
    And 3 be C?

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  4. I still think you are mistaken on #1 and #3. What is meant by the word "environment"? The physical environment as in "Mother Nature", or the social environment? I don't know what your text intends.

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  5. Social environment is what it means for this

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  6. And 3 is b and thank you so much for taking time out of your day to help a dummy like me

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  7. 3 is environment. 4 is age, educational background, and gender. 5 is understanding.

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  8. Parrot is right

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  9. C D B B D B D D

    Audience Analysis Quiz 100%

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