With which of these statements does the crone in "The Wife of Bath’s Tale" save the life of the knight?
• “A woman wants… sovereignty/Over her husband as over her lover…”
• "It's little wonder if I twist and wallow!/God that my heart would burst.
• "Prowess of men, for it is God, no less./Wills us to claim of him our gentleness.
• “…That dare say no to what I have to teach./Let us go … without further speech.”

my answer is B

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  1. I'm not sure we can say one line prompts the knight's "change", but that's as good as any to say it did.

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  2. thank you

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  3. Actually i'm taking a quiz with that question and the only two that overlap is the first one, so I'd have to assume that's what the answer is.

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  4. Its A. Woman wants...

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