Choose the best answer(s).
Match the letter of the author with the genre.

A. Anne Bradstreet
B. William Bradford
C. Olaudah Equiano
D. Thomas Jefferson

1. colonial journals and documents

2. slave narratives

3. colonial poetry

4. revolutionary/protest writing

I know that Anne Bradstreet wrote poetry and William Bradford did as well. Equiano, I know, was a freed slave and wrote an autobiography about his life as a slave. Thomas Jefferson obviously wrote the Declaration of Independence. What I do not know is if I am missing anything.

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  1. You're right about Mr. Jefferson, "revolutionary/protest writing". You are wrong about the other three.

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  2. Oh, I guess the numbered items are not your answers, but are your choices. So, what are your answers? We have one. And you are right about Mr. Equiano being a freed slave and Anne Bradsteet being a poet. William Bradford was definitely NOT a poet.

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  3. Bradford wrote colonial journals about his voyage to the New World as well, but I know he also wrote poetry because he wrote "A Word to New England," and a couple others. I also know that Equiano wrote slave narratives because wrote an autobiography titled, "The Life of Olaudah Equiano," and its about his life as a slave. Anne Bradstreet was only a poet so obviously that is correct. I do not understand how I am wrong. Can you please explain?

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  4. Sorry I didn't see your second post until after I posted that.

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  5. This is one of Bradford's poems:

    "A Word to New England"
    Oh New England, thou canst not boast;
    Thy former glory thou hast lost.
    When Hooker, Winthrop, Cotton died,
    And many precious ones beside,
    Thy beauty then it did decay,
    And still doth languish more away.
    Love, truth, goodness, mercy and grace-
    Wealth and the world have took their place.
    Thy open sins none can them hide:
    Fraud, drunkenness, (expletive) and pride.
    The great oppressors slay the poor,
    But whimsy errors they kill more.
    Yet some thou hast which mourn and weep,
    And their garments unspotted keep;
    Who seek God's honor to maintain,
    That true religion may remain.
    These do invite, and sweetly call,
    Each to other, and say to all;
    Repent, amend, and turn to God,
    That we may prevent his sharp rod.
    Yet time thou hast; improve it well,
    That God's presence may with ye dwell.

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  6. I mistook the numbered list for your answers. I'm sorry. You are right about what these people wrote. Bradford was the leader of the Puritan flotilla of three ships and the passengers who landed at what is now Boston in 1630 and was instrumental in establishing the government of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. His writings were primarily about that, not poetry.

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  7. Oh okay thank you so much!;)

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  8. One of my ancestors was on one of those ships and among the first settlers of Massachusetts Bay Colony.

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  9. B
    Got 100%

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