The Renaissance coincided with
classical antiquity
2. Van Eyck's paintings lack any reference to this
the Protestant reformation
3. Brueghel’s detailed portraits of daily life are called
4. The people he liked to paint
5. In the painting The Wedding, each person is a
6. The real subject is
7. The animal in the painting is a
8. In Triumph of Death, humanity is not
9. performer of exceptional technical skill

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  1. Is this supposed to be about art history?

    We cannot see graphics on this website, so I doubt anyone here would be able to check your answers.

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  2. 1 : The Protestant reformation
    2 : classical antiquity
    3 : genre
    4 : peasants
    5 : portrait
    6 : eating
    7 : dog
    8 : heroic
    9 : virtuoso

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  3. Teachers often change the order of the questions and answers.

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    Ms. Sue

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