When 5.49 g of platinum reacts with an excess of fluorine, 7.65 g of platinum(_) fluoride forms.
What is the mass of fluorine in the compound?
b. Find the number of moles of platinum that reacted.
c. Find the number of moles of fluorine that reacted.
d. Calculate the ratio of moles of F to moles Pt that reacted. Be sure to use the appropriate number of significant figures. Give the empirical formula of platinum( ) fluoride: PtF?. Write the correct name for the compound.

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  1. The second part is this.

    The theoretical value for the ration of moles of F to moles of Pt is (exactly) 4. Calculate the percent error for the experimental value found in 3d.

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  2. ......Pt + F2 ==> PtFx

    a. PtFx weighs 7.65. Pt weighs 5.49. So mass F must be ?
    b & c. mols = grams/molar mass
    d. Calculate mols F to 1 mol Pt.
    Show your work and explain what you don't understand if you get stuck.

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