I'm sorry
But I'm still so badly stuck and I don't get it

Initial mass of candle 40.3g
Mass of tin calorimeter 41.1g
Mass of half-filled calorimeter with water 220.4g
Initial temp of water 18.8°C
Final temp of water 26.6°C
Final mass of candle 38.2g

Calculate heat of combustion of paraffin wax

Heat of fusion of ice lab

Initial mass of empty cup calorimeter 9.55g
Initial mass of water 200.15g
Initial mass of ice + water 209.7g
Initial temp of water 41.9°C
Initial mass of ice 26.9g
Final mass of cup 9.55g
Final mass of water 227.05g
Final mass of cup + water 236.6g
Final temp of water 26.9°C

Calculate the heat of fusion of ice in J and in j/g

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  1. If you are going to answer other students' posts, please pick a screenname. Further answers from Anonymous will be removed since no one can verify where they're coming from.


  2. Not getting it won't get it. I showed you how to do the first part, step by step. Bob Pursley showed you how to do the second part step by step. The only thing you have don't is to simply repost the original post. Nothing about what you don't understand. Nothing about showing the work you've done. You're asking us to repost our answers. How do you think that will help. It won't. It's just time consuming.

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