I.ter.ational bussiness

according to cnn (2016/06/24), the British pound (GBP) crashed to its lowest level as low 1.32/GBP. The exchange rate on June 23rd 2016 was $1.4883/GBP
a)by what % has the Gbp appreciated or depreciated against the dollar during this period?
b)bu what % the US dollar appreciate or depreciate it against the GB the u.s. dollar appreciate or depreciate it against the GBP during this period?
c) if the dollar experienced in appreciation of 15% from June 23rd 201 if the dollar experienced an appreciation of 15% from June 23rd 2016 to the end of 2016 what would the exchange rate be at the end of 2016
d) from th from the Jun from the June 2016 to mid-Decembe from the June 2016 to mid Decembe from June 2016 to mid December 2016 if the GBP fell 25% against the US dollar by how much percentage did the u.s. dollar appreciate against the GBP over that six months.

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