On rainy days, Izzy goes from his house to the school by running 1.2 miles on West St, then makes a 90º turn and runs 0.5 miles on North Ave.

a. If Izzy runs 7.5 miles per hour, approximately how much time will it take her to run to school on rainy days?

b. On dry days, Izzy runs on the dashed path through the woods. How far is she traveling?

c. If Izzy runs 7.5 miles per hour, how much time will she save by cutting through the woods?

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  1. time = distance/speed, so

    (a) (1.2 + 0.5)/7.5 = 0.22666 hrs or 13.6 minutes

    (b) √(1.2^2+0.5^2) = 1.3 miles

    (c) figure the time for (b) and then subtract from (a).

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  2. How to draw line segment 5cm 6mm long

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