I'm writing an argument paper on brands, and I was wondering whether anyone knows a website where I could find data/analysis on Abercrombie and Fitch (for example, how much they spend on making products in comparison to how much they sell....and maybee perhaps this comparison to other stores with less prestiged brands?)? Or is there any data for the average amount of money stores spend on making their products?

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asked by Julie
  1. Here is a GOOGLE Search:



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  2. I am writing an argument paper about brands. I'm not necessarily trying to state that brands are bad, but instead that people should not have such high regards for brands to the point where human culture is being transformed to accommodate brands instead of the other way around. I'm having some problems thinking of what I should use for my support and data. I was thinking on focusing on the problems of conformity and "fitting in." How else should I develop this paper and these ideas (as well as integrate data)?
    [emphasis on how my paper is not that brands are bad, but that the conformity that the brand bring about is bad]

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    posted by Julie

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