Examine the three listed elements of Group 13.

boron (B), aluminum (Al), gallium (Ga)

If boron has two energy levels, then how many energy levels do the other two elements have?

Aluminum has three energy levels, and gallium has four energy levels.
Aluminum has four energy levels, and gallium has three energy levels.
Aluminum and gallium both have two energy levels.
Aluminum has one energy level, and gallium does not have any energy levels

please help

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  1. I can help but you need to tell me what you don't understand about this problem. Note that H is in row 1 and has 1 energy level.
    Then Li is in row two and has 2 energy levels.
    Then Na is in row 3 and has 3 energy levels. Do you see a trend here? What rows are used for B, Al, Ga?

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  2. bro j say the answer...not that hard

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  3. Aluminum has three energy levels, and gallium has four energy levels.

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