A rancher is putting a fence around a square animal pen. The perimeter of the pen is 32 feet. The fence posts will be 16 inches apart. She starts by putting 1 fence post at each corner of the pen. How many fence posts does she use altogether?
My solution is 32*12=384 and 384/16= 24.
Answer is 24.
Plz check. Thank you for your help.

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  1. 32/4 = 8 feet on a side
    = 8*12 inches on a side
    8*12/16 = 6 gaps on a side
    6*4 = 24 so I agree
    You do not need one more to start because this pen is a closed yard.

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  2. Ok but why

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  3. Why Is it the answer how did you get it?

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