The population for a city is 39,194 and grows continuously at a rate of 6.9% each year. What is the approximate population in 17 years?

My answer is 121,854

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  1. looks good

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  2. I don't get that ....

    Population = 39194 e^(17*.069)
    = 39194 e^1.173
    = 39194*3.23167...
    = appr 126,662

    at just 6.9% compounded annually we would have
    39164(1.069)^17 = 121,854 , which is your answer

    you missed the part about "continuous" growth.
    in questions such as population growth, the growth is taking place continuously, unlike a bank account where your balance "jumps" after certain interest periods.

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  3. Thank you

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