Hi, I just need some help with algebra cause my teacher wont respond lol. SOOOO
Evaluate the following expression for
s = 4 and t = 8.
3st² ÷ st + 6

I can't seem to get the problem right and I've tried doing 3x4x8^2 divide 4x8 +6 but it doesnt equal what the answer key had and I also tried 348^2 divide 48 + 6 but that didn't equal it either so??

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  1. well s t is 32 not 48

    (3 * 4 * 64)/(32) +6
    3 *4 *2) + 6
    24 + 6

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  2. still its not the same thing that she had on her answer key, the answer was 1542 and I have no idea how she got that

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