World History

Which answer correctly compares the first medieval merchants to merchants of the High Middle Ages?

A The first medieval merchants were higher in the social hierarchy, while merchants during the High Middle Ages were members of the lower social class.

B The first medieval merchants were trusted by the people who bought their goods, while merchants during the High Middle Ages were thought to be dishonest.

C The first medieval merchants were peddlers who held little status or wealth, while merchants during the High Middle Ages formed guilds and often served in government council positions in their towns.

D The first medieval merchants traveled long distances to trade goods with people from other lands, while High Middle Ages merchants stayed close to home to establish shops in their own towns.

asked by Beou
  1. And you think ... ?

    posted by Writeacher
  2. I'm not sure. I think it is is C though.

    posted by Beou
  3. I agree -- C.

    posted by Writeacher
  4. Thank you.

    posted by Beou
  5. You're welcome.

    posted by Writeacher
  6. lol i guess it's c then

    posted by anthony

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