A woman with a mass of 50kg is standing on the rim of a large disk that is rotating at an angular velocity of .50 rev/s about an axis through its center. The disk has a mass of 110kg and a radius of 4.0m. Calculate the magnitude of the total angular momentum of the woman-plus-disk system. (Assume that you can treat the woman as a point.)

Look up the moment of inertia of a disc. Call it Id. The angular momentum of the disc is Id w. The added angular momentum of the woman is Mw* R^2 w.
Mw is the mass of the woman. R is the radius of the disc

The total angular momentum is
(Id + Mw*R^2) w

w is the angular velocity in radians/s. Get it from number of revolutions per s.

Please show your work.

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