Suppose major officeholders from a particular party are not performing well, and the part is not monitoring these officeholders. In what ways could this situation affect the party as a whole? my answer is that it could be affected by the party not taking control of its members and it would be look negatively upon. what are your thoughts. I need to make it at least 3 sentences thanks!!

When the public becomes aware of and unhappy with their representatives, they can (and often do) make sure they are not re-elected. Officeholders are quite aware of this!


A drop in popularity of major leaders of one political party will increase the probability that they will lose seats in the next congressional election. It will also had a postive or negative effect on the next presidential election outcome, depending upon the presidential candidate's party. A third result will be a tendency for the party to "swing" to the right or lest, depending upon the political leanings of the poorly performing members of Congress.

I agree with Writeacher and DrWLS. Independent and swing voters, especially will tend to gravitate toward the party with the stronger leaders.

That is exactly the reason why we have a "representative" type of govt. The American people have always wanted to "have their say". In some places they still have Town Hall types of government. Americans are not fickle, they will stick till "the last hog dies", but they get very impatient with govt. that does not listen to them. That is when they say, "ok, we'll find someone who will." That is why when a party in power gets too enamoured with their own ideas and doesn't listen, they get removed and the pendulum swings the other way. That has happened many times in history.

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