Fine Arts

Which of the following groups was known to have used animal skins and glass beads?
a. Plains Indians
b. Nagajo
c. Aztecs
d. Northwest Indians
Is it a?

Which of the following colors represent the spiritual realm in many African societies?
a. white
b. red
c. black
d. brown
Can't find this anywhere

Shiva Nataraja stands on a small figure to represent?
a. destruction
b. creation
c. faithfulness
d. escape
Is it d?

Red clay animal sculptures guarding burial grounds are found in?
a. China
b. Japan
c. India
d. Adena
Can't find this anywhere

Which of the following was known for leading the education of women and initiating them into adulthood?
a. Mali
b. Ethiopia
c. Mende
d. Akan
Is it c?

African carvings with wide-open eyes represent?
a. determination
b. divine intervention
c. a hunter
d. strength


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  1. The complexity of tribes across Africa makes color associations a more local phenomena.
    In many countries and areas, however, black implies age and wisdom; gold indicates long life; earth tones have positive associations with the grassy savanna; and yellow is reserved for those of high ran

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