Social Studies

Which of these is most likely a feature of a free trade agreement?

A. Removing tariff from imported goods
B. Raising taxes on exported goods
C. Making it illegal to hire workers in other countries
D. Providing money directly to local manufacturers

Is it b??

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  1. I disagree. Is that what your text says?

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    Ms. Sue
  2. I disagree. How will adding taxes make any trade free?

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  3. A??

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  4. I think A is correct. Is that also what your text author says?

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    Ms. Sue
  5. Yes.

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  6. 1. What is bartering
    A) Buying and selling goods with money
    B) exchanging one item directly for another
    C) sending something to sell in another country
    D) putting taxes on goods from other places

    2. What is the difference between an import and an export
    A) An export raises competition levels among countries, but an import does not
    B) an export comes into a country to sell, and an import goes out
    C) an import is exchanged as part of free trade, but not in places with trade barriers
    D) an import comes into a country to sell, and an export goes out

    3. What is one benefit of trade
    A. Prices go up for luxary goods from abroad
    B. People have access to more goods and services
    C. Workers may make goods to be sold in other countries
    D. Consumers can choose to buy goods made close to home

    4. Which of these is most likely a feature of a free trade agreement
    A. Removing tariffs from imported goods
    B. Reading taxes on exported goods
    C. Making it illegal to hire workers in other countries
    D.Providing money directly to local manufacturers
    A government would most likely choose to her trade barriers in order to
    A. Make more money from taxes
    B. Keep popular goods off shelves
    C. Help local manufacturers
    D. Discourage job growth

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  7. B
    These are the right answers

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  8. Tysm, Anonymous!!

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