Social Studies

Victory at which Battle convinced the British to help the Americans?

I'm thinking its the Battle of Saratoga

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  1. VERY odd phrasing -- "the British to help the Americans"

    What? Since the American colonists were fighting for their independence from the British, why would the British "help" them at all?

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  2. Thats no hint

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  3. I think they mean French not British ^^

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  4. What the answer

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  5. Does anyone know

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  6. Its Saratoga!
    the answers are
    1). A B D
    2). B
    3). B
    4). B C
    5). D
    6). A
    7). D
    8). B C E

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  7. Person above me is correct as of January 2019

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  8. Urmom is 100*/. I got 13/13

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