Letter (language) plz help

Dear Mayor Ralston
1. I would like to bring an important matter to your attention. The field at the Corner of the Country Road and Smithfield road is up for sale. The owner, Reginald Cooper is willing to sale the property to the city for a children's park.

2.. The Parent and School Committee has been raising money for a new park. The money we raised can pay for the park equipment. We believe this property would be perfect for our project. The library was a great success

3. I would like to meet with you. I would like to discuss the possibility of the city purchasing this property. I think a new park would be a great addition for our city; because we should not pass up on this opportunity.
Jane Stevens

What is the main purpose of this letter?
To inform the reader about a selling land
to instruct the reader on process
to persuade the reader of a viewpoint***
to entertain the ready with a story

Which sentence is unnecessary and is best removed from the letter?
I would like to bring an important matter to your attention.
The field at the corner of the country road is for sell
We have been saving money for the equipment
The library was a big success ****

Which is the best concluding sentence for the letter?

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  1. Which is the best concluding sentence for the letter?
    I have always supported you
    I think our city has many visitors
    Please let me know when it would be convenient time to meet****
    My idea is great

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  2. first q is wrong. What does the writer want to do?

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  3. 1. a?

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  4. Because Jane is telling the mayor about the land

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