I need help trying to construct an Extended metaphor. The topic being

People who use cell phones while a movie is going on.

Please help thanks .

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. The first thing to understand is the definition of an extended metaphor. Here is one plus some examples:

An extended metaphor, also called a conceit, is a metaphor that continues into the following sentences. An extended metaphor is also a metaphor developed at great length, occurring frequently in or throughout a work.

Western usage of extended metaphors is thought to have originally been a product of the Renaissance.


* If one starts with the metaphor of The seeds of discontent have already been sown, an extension could be It remains to see whether weed or flower will spring forth.

The winds were ocean waves, thrashing against the trees limbs.The gales remained thereafter, only ceasing when the sun went down. Their waves clashed brilliantly with the water beneath, bringing foam and dying leaves to the shore.

In this case, the extensions would then be the second two sentences, "The gales remained thereafter, only ceasing�cand dying leaves to the shore."
* Also, many fables and fairy tales are often extended metaphors.

The extended metaphor is a noun.

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  2. Hey Sisters! @JacTheGreat is correct 100% for the watsons go to Birmingham Chapters 5-6 Quick check

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