Three ballet dancers are positioned on stage. Noah is 6.3 feet straight behind Cassie and 2 feet directly left of Brandy. When the music begins, Noah twirls to Brandy's position, then leaps to Cassie's position, and finally walks back to his original position. How far did Noah travel? If necessary, round to the nearest tenth.


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  1. what i did ms sue

    a2 b6.3=c?

    my answer is 6.6 but he walk back from original position so I add 2+6.3
    equal 8.3 feet

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  2. help me if im right?

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  3. d = NB + BC + CN.
    d = 2 + sqrt(6.3^2+2^2) + 6.3.
    d = 2 + 6.6 + 6.3 = 14.9 Ft.
    So Noah covered a distance(d) equal to the perimeter of a rt. triangle:
    a = 2 Ft.
    b = 6.3 Ft.
    c = 6.6 Ft.
    P = a + b + c = 14.9 Ft.

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