The current population of Summerfield is 16,359 people, which is 90% larger than when David moved there. What was the population of Summerfield back then?

I need some help, there's this question on IXL (It's a website that has math problems for you to answer) that I couldn't answer. What I think is we should add 100% and 90% which will be 190%, and then we will divide 1.9 to 16,359. And the answer will be 0.00011614, but the thing is, it doesn't make that much sense to me, does it make sense?

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  1. You have it backward. If the original population was x, then

    1.9x = 16359
    x = 16359/1.9 = 8610

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  2. Ohh I see, thank you!

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