he wholesale cost of a delivery van is $31,300. The original markup was 26% based on selling price. Find the final sale price after the following series of price changes: a markup of 46%, a markup of 15%, a markdown of 40%, and a markup of 14%. (Round each selling price to the nearest cent)

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  1. 1.26n=31300
    1.46 x 1.15 x 0.6 x 1.14 x 24841.27=28528.61 as the final sale price.

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  2. CHECK:
    P1 + 0.26P1 = $31,300.
    1.26P1 = 31,300,
    P1 = 24,841.27.

    P2 = 1.46P1 = 1.46 * 24,841.27 = 36,268.25.

    P3 = 1.15P2 = 1.15 * 36,268.25 = 41,708.49.

    P4 = (1-0.4)P3 = 0.6*41,708.49 = 25,025.10.

    P5 = 1.14P4 = 1.14 * 25,025.10 = 28,528.61.

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